He came from Gloucester, you know

This is the pirate version of Dick Whittington, where he goes in search of his fortune with entirely the wrong set of ship-mates.  However, their sheer incompetence allows our hero to triumph and marry Alice, hooray!



There's a handy cast of 11 main characters, or 12 if you count both humps on the camel, plus supporting pirates etc:

  • Captain King, an unemployed pirate
  • Truss Tar, an unable seaman
  • Dick Whittington
  • A London cat
  • Polly the Cook
  • Alderman FitzWarren
  • Alice FitzWarren, his daughter
  • Sir Conference Prune, the running joke
  • Chief Rat
  • Samuel the Camuel
  • The Sultana of Tangiers, a trifle from the desert


Here's a sample:

Dick Whittington Scene 2