Written at the first Bishop's Castle Folk Festival, in the High Street early Sunday morning 26th May 2002 as the birds sang around me

I'll wake up early morning

At a festival or weekend

And take a little walk to clear my mind

There'll be singing in the air

From the birds that flutter there

And then I'll think that really life is fine


I've been lucky in my journeys

And I've travelled most the world

And learned the local songs along the way

You can copy styles and rhythms

But what's important is the singing

And giving heart to what you've got to say


There's a time for contemplation

(Whether old or whether single)

Of Life, and what it means to you

I would rather think instead

As I walk around my head

Of the loving, and the singing, and the truth


Sometimes the truth is painful

But you write it if you're honest

And tears may start as you think what you are

But none of us are saints

Or as black as others paint us

Just show the world yourself, and you're a star


I know a public house

- In fact I know of several! -

Where singing's more than just a route to fame

And I would rather far be there

With a beer, and friends around me

Than any other place you'd care to name


My days are full of laughter

And my nights are full of singing

With just a touch of sadness in the song

I am proud, but not too boastful

As I sing to raise the heavens

And all my lovely friends will sing along.



Text copyright © Andy Scarf 2002

 All rights reserved