Popular entertainment in the saloon bars of city pubs in the 1830s grew into the music hall style of variety show which we are now reviving in Gloucester.

Singalong choruses - solo singers - comedians - monologues - speciality acts - all these go to make up a variety show, which is proving increasingly popular with the decline of the old-style TV shows - let's keep it live!



We have been reviving music hall in the upstairs room (great acoustics!) of the Fountain Inn in Westgate Street in Gloucester, taking this popular form of entertainment back to its roots.  While we perform modern material as well as Victorian, we've showcased a comedy magician, a flea circus, and soon we'll have an escapologist!



Somewhere in the county there's a man who does the trick of sawing a lady in half, we're on his track!  And all the time we have the best of songs and musicians, such as the lovely Julia Davies, Rob our resident harp player (and we wish you would) and also singing group May Thrill.



We put on shows four times a year on a Friday night, just the thing for chairman Andy Scarf to welcome you to at the end of a busy week - and the Fountain does great food and real ale too.  Give them a call on 01452 522562 to find the date of the next show and book a seat - the next two are on 21st March 2014 and 11th July - see you there!