The best-ever panto, favourite story of them all

This classic story of rags to riches was first performed by the Hemyock Singers in 2000.  Nothing can compare with being given a favoured seat at a show you have written yourself, and where real people are breathing life into your characters!  Thanks guys, it was really great.



The cast produced a variation on the theme with the addition of "Fairy Timewarp", who got so confused with bringing in the wrong panto characters that Buttons married Cinderella!

There's a cast of 10 main characters in the original version, plus the mice of course and assorted townsfolk:

  • Cinderella
  • Her Wicked Stepmother, Gibletta
  • Buttons, a Palace Page
  • Her ugly sisters Camilla and Priscilla (Milly & Silly)
  • Her father, Master N.Peck
  • Fairy Godmother
  • Dandini, a Palace courtier
  • Prince Charming
  • The King

Here's a sample:

Cinderella Scene 2